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MiketheManchild: Well the Flora was Updated last, hopefully Fauna and Realism next Time . . . Oct 6, 2017 5:52:21 GMT
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deustriplo: hmmmm... Dont know... truth be told haven't played that much of NMS. My save is bugged and I can't even consider restarting. Tried playing in creative to get a sense of the Artemis story but got a bug in it eventually too.. Oct 8, 2017 19:40:59 GMT
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deustriplo: If I am honest personally the game needs more content. Random ruins one could explore, planet side structures but I think I am more looking forward to the new indie games this site will bring us Oct 8, 2017 19:47:39 GMT
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deustriplo: Looking forward to an update... Oct 8, 2017 19:47:46 GMT
Chukesys Avatar
Chukesys: G'day folks, My internet is out of commission please be patient as I resolve issues surrounding it Oct 10, 2017 0:03:54 GMT
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deustriplo: Traffic around here is getting slower and slower. Oct 13, 2017 20:16:55 GMT
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deustriplo: Keep wondering what is happening with the changes to the site Oct 13, 2017 20:17:16 GMT
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deustriplo: See you all soon Oct 13, 2017 20:17:22 GMT
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VeciTox: Sadly, it seems like this lovely forum is slowly fading into oblivion... Oct 13, 2017 20:21:24 GMT
Illsent Avatar
Illsent: So, I have what I think is a really cool idea for a new faction, but I really don't want to leave the Armada. Do you guys think it would be alright if I made an alt account and asked Martin to create my faction, and make my alt the leader? Oct 15, 2017 22:33:00 GMT
Illsent Avatar
Illsent: In case any of you are curious about the faction, it's going to be a giant group of people that once started out as only a few people who rebelled against the Plagued Whisper (in case any of you remember it) only after stealing much of their equipment. Oct 15, 2017 22:40:28 GMT
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Chukesys: It's so quiet Oct 16, 2017 1:22:50 GMT
Matador Avatar
Matador: yea this place got spooky quiet... AARRRR P-) Oct 17, 2017 3:10:40 GMT
Illsent Avatar
Illsent: Well "spooky quiet" is fitting considering Halloween is almost upon those of us who celebrate it. Oct 17, 2017 15:15:38 GMT
Chukesys Avatar
Chukesys: Despite being Australian I still somewhat enjoy halloween Oct 18, 2017 21:34:48 GMT
deustriplo Avatar
deustriplo: I love you are so creative but another faction? There is no one else around... :-D Why don;t you write about it in the RP? Oct 20, 2017 0:05:33 GMT
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deustriplo: There is a medium for us to express our ideas... Maybe you starting write about it will get others inspired you know? Oct 20, 2017 0:06:15 GMT *
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deustriplo: ARRRRRRR!!!!! P-) Oct 20, 2017 0:06:45 GMT
Illsent Avatar
Illsent: Because the website is branching out, do you think factions might be deleted? Factions for an NMS related board makes sense, but if we have our colored names no matter what game we're talking about, wouldn't it be a bit... weird? Also, what about people Oct 20, 2017 14:26:23 GMT
Illsent Avatar
Illsent: who don't even like NMS but want a colored name? Should there be factions (or maybe just rename them to "Groups") for different games that we would cover? Oct 20, 2017 14:27:15 GMT

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